Mette Ross

Konstnär Biografi

”I’m Alive”
120 x 100cm Pris: 12.900.-
”Live and Love” 100x100cm Pris: 11.000.-
”Eye of the Tiger” 100x100cm Pris: 11.000.-
”With Every Heartbeat” 80x100cm Pris: 9000.-
”I Was Here” 150x120cm Pris: 17.900.-
”My Universe” 120x100cm Pris: 12.900.-
”Reach for the Stars” 100x100cm Pris: 10.000.-
”Dream On” 100x100cm Pris: 14.000.-
”Celebrate” 100x100cm Pris: 10.000.-
”Color Your Life” 130x100cm Pris: 12.000.-
”Happy” 100x120cm Pris: 12.000.-
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